Friday, September 21, 2007

Pumpkins and Fairies and Loas, Oh My!

Pictured is Ma'man Brigit, Fairy Ju Ju guy, and the Great Pumpkin Voodoo dolls - three of my latest creations.

Ma'aman Brigit is the Voodoo loa of the cemeteries, money, and the dead. She is also summoned when you have been the victim of dark magic.

Fairy Ju Jus are butterfly fairies with the ability to fly, cast spells and to influence or foresee the future. This guy has his bottle of fairy dust ready to do his magic at a moment's notice.

I made the Great Pumpkin Voodoo doll to celebrate the up and coming Halloween favorite holiday of the year.

Here is a close up of Ma'man Brigit's face. I am very pleased with how she came out. I think she is one of my most beautiful creations. How would you like to meet those luscious lips when you cross over to the other side! Ma'man Brigit is the exotic dancer of the Voodoo, easily seducing anyone in her presence through her sexual dancing.

Fairy Ju Ju guy is really a butterfly fairy. Butterfly fairies are sometimes called the moss people. These lovely creatures have butterfly wings attached to their bodies and come in both female and male forms that are slender and human like. They are very shy. Human sightings are very rare especially as more woodland areas disappear to development. I was inspired to make him in part because I think there needs to be more fairies of color, and in part because I had this awesome pod that was perfect for a fairy hat.

The Great Pumpkin Voodoo doll was inspired by the Great Pumpkin of Peanuts fame. Linus sits in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear with hopes that he will fly through the air and deliver toys to all the good little children. The mystical side of the Pumpkin archetype goes way back to the pagan belief that evil spirits roamed the earth and returned to their homes at winter time. Jack was a man who was not welcome in heaven or hell when he died, and destined to roam the earthly world. He carried a carved pumpkin - hence the term, "Jack'o Lantern". Celts followed this practice of placing carved pumpkins, potatoes, rutabagas, and turnips in their windows and doors to ward off evil spirits.
This Great Pumpkin was created as a slightly pudgy Voodoo doll out of sticks and Spanish moss, and his face is hand sculpted out of polymer clay. He has a beaded vine coming from the stem of his head which drapes around his body and neck.

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Heartaday said...

Great pumpkin! I love that. What a trio that is! You know how I covet Maman Brigette (even if I can't spell her name right).