Thursday, December 6, 2012

Custom Voodoo Devotional Dolls

Custom Voodoo Devotional Altar Dolls! You tell us who you want and we will make it for you! These custom devotional altar dolls are lovingly constructed from a base of sticks and Spanish moss in true New Orleans Voodoo folk art tradition. They are self standing and measure around 10 to 12 inches tall. No spirit is off limits, we are inspired to create sacred spiritual art from any tradition to suit your needs. We use the finest fabrics, lace brocade, ribbons and fancy yarns, feathers, beads, leather, fur, and semi precious stones. The faces are hand sculpted out of polymer clay and painted. All of our dolls are anointed with highly perfumed, exotic oils. Put the icing on your favorite altar with one of our one of a kind devotional altar dolls. Order now and get your order by Christmas! Pictured is Serket.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Art of Conjure: San Simón Wishing Spell

Altars to San Simón always have a doll or effigy of some kind representing him along with cloth that is characteristic of the indigenous peoples of South and Central America. People turn to him with requests of good health, family harmony, job security, good crops, and the like. He has what is referred to as a dark side as well, but I like to refer to it as human. He is said to grant requests that have something to do with revenge and success at the expense of others.

Learn how to make a San Simon doll here!

The Art of Conjure: San Simón Wishing Spell

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Creole Bayou Swamp Baby Honey Belle LeRoux

Meet the sweet Creole Bayou Swamp Baby Honey Belle LeRoux. She was born in the Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana, well known for its primitive beauty and exotic wildlife. It is said that the pirate, Jean Lafitte, roamed these wetlands and buried some of his treasure there. While many people live in fear of the mysterious and forbidden swamplands, Honey Belle spends her days lying in a hammock of Spanish moss that hangs from a gnarled cypress tree, gently swaying back and forth in the warm breeze. With the sweet smell of azaleas in the air and her guard dog Papa Gator in the murky waters below, Honey Belle LeRoux sleeps unfettered by the spooky sounds of owls, black bear, and Wookie, the Louisiana Bigfoot.

Honey Belle’s mother died in childbirth. Now, she is taken care of by the wise old woman of the swamp, Gran Ibo. Gran Ibo is the one who knows the magic and the medicine found within her little sisters who are the healing plants and herbs of the forest. She knows the power of the water. Through her, the roots, plants, herbs, and flowers of the swamp communicate to the Vodusi. Gran Ibo has swaddled Honey Belle in her baby blanket and bound her, Indian style, so she does not venture out of her hammock and hurt herself. She has carefully prepared a mojo bag for her swamp baby filled with special roots, plants, herbs, oils, resins, stones, and flowers, and tied it to her bundle to protect her from the dangers of the swamp.

Though Gran Ibo is the goddess of wisdom and patience, she is a hermit and lives in solitude away from prying eyes. Gran Ibo knows her swamp baby can’t live like this much longer. Soon, Honey Belle will be toddling about, getting into anything and everything. Gran Ibo looks for someone special to adopt her swamp babies and give them the love and social life they deserve. She promises many blessings to the person who chooses to take Honey Belle ot any of her children home. Will you adopt Honey Belle LeRoux or one of her siblings?

This Bayou Swamp Baby is an original design that came to me in a dream. She is made out of hand painted muslin, macrame cord, fabric, and Spanish moss. Her mojo bag contains authentic hoodoo ingredients for good luck and success, protection, and prosperity. It contains a secret Marie Laveau talisman for protection from accidents. She measures approximately 12.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide and smells fabulous.

Please note that the term "Bayou Swamp Baby" is copyrighted by me, which means it may not be used to describe anyone else's work. The original story that accompanies this listing is also protected by copyright. Please respect artist originality. Thank you!

This Creole Swamp baby Honey Belle LeRoux has been SOLD. There are many more Creole Swamp Baby orphans available for adoption...all you need to do is ask.

Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte

This little Bayou Swamp Baby was born in a little fishing village along Bayou Barataria in Louisiana, well known for its primitive beauty and exotic wildlife. Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre is a direct descendant of the infamous Jean Lafitte, the pirate who roamed these wetlands and reportedly buried some of his treasure there.

As a privateer and pirate, Jean Lafitte lived much of his life outside the law, like any good pirate would. As a young man, Lafitte likely spent a great deal of time exploring the wetland and bayou country south of New Orleans. In fact, he is said to have a more accurate knowledge of every inlet from the Gulf than any other man.

Lafitte's lost treasure has acquired a lore of its own as it has never been accounted for. He had several stashes of plundered gold and jewelry hidden in the vast system of marshes, swamps, and bayous located around Barrataria Bay. One legend places the treasure somewhere on the property of Destrehan Plantation, where Lafitte's spirit walks on nights of full moons to guide someone to the treasure's location.

Lafitte married a quadroon woman (the term used to describe a person who is 1/4 Black and 3/4 French) named Madeleine Ragaud. While he did not have any children with her, he is known to have had one illegitimate child with Catherine Villars, another quadroon. My little bayou swamp baby Pierre is believed to have come from this union.

Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte is made out of hand painted muslin and is wrapped in a swamp blanket made by his dirt poor swamp mammy. His blanket is crocheted out of a variety of discarded materials found in the marshes that were handpicked, cleaned, and then handcrafted into the blanket that swaddles him. Like all swamp babies, he carries a mojo bag containing authentic hoodoo ingredients and a few pirate treasures for good luck, success, protection, and prosperity. Baby Pierre measures approximately 12.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide and smells fabulous from the essential oils that infuse his mojo bag.

This Bayou Swamp Baby comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes a copy of this legend. He is signed and numbered and is a limited edition primitive handmade doll.

Please note that the term "Bayou Swamp Baby" and their stories are protected by copyright laws, and as such, may not be used to describe any other piece of art besides my dolls.

This Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte has been SOLD, but thought you might appreciate his story:).

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spirit Dolls

Magic, myth, devotion and Voodoo...those are some of the elements that go into the creation of one of my spirit dolls. I first start with a form made from any fabric or material that inspires me at the moment, and stuff it with herbs and cotton, and anoint with perfumed ritual oils. It is a very intuitive process as the spirit that will reside in the doll ultimately guides me in the creation of its vessel.

Many times my spirit dolls are beaded. The Beaded Goddess doll in the first photo below for example, was made from leather on one side and felt on the other, sewn using a blanket stitch and then the face was created from clay and painted. I then beaded the doll using its shape as my guide.

Below are a number of different kinds of Spirit Dolls I have made over the years. As you can see, there is more than one way to make them.

Beaded Goddess Spirit Doll   

Back view
Masa Spirit Doll

Close up of Masa Spirit Doll
Masa Spirit Doll

Spirit Doll    

Aromatherapy Spirit Doll

Spirit Dolls

Spirit Dolls
Mini Mambo Spirit Doll
Spirit Doll