Thursday, October 25, 2007

Population Explosion!

Help! Kitties are everywhere!

Every year around this time I make a slew of my black cat charm doll familiars in celebration of one of the most iconic images of Halloween and New Orleans Voodoo - the black cat. Indeed, the black cat is considered to be the most powerful animal in New Orleans Voodoo, bringing massive good luck in matters of money, gambling, and general financial success. It has not always been this way, however.

In Western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens: in other cultures, they are considered to be good omens. In New Orleans Voodoo, black cats have been the subject of controversial sacrifice in the past, particularly with regards to finding the one bone in the body that is all powerful.

The abuse of black cats for sacrificial and ritual reasons is no longer practiced nor encouraged in New Orleans. On the contrary, they are viewed as good luck in hoodoo, particularly regarding gambling matters, such as playing cards or the lottery.

These black cat Voodoo poppets are loaded with charms, beads, buttons, and what-nots to bring you the best of luck in all of your endeavors! They are stuffed with aromatic, magickal herbs to bring you the best of luck and happiness. Each cat comes with catnip to use as an offering, 7 removable whisker pins, and instructions for use as a focusing tool in meditation. To purchase, visit the Mystic Voodoo.

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