Friday, December 14, 2007

Celebrate Yule with Voodoo Art Dolls from the Mystic Voodoo!

I admit it, I have been touched by the spirit of the Jule nissen, the Scandinavian equivalent to Santa Claus (sort of...). In any event, I am having a Yuletide spectacular sale at the Mystic Voodoo where you have the chance to purchase one of these very cool Voodoo art dolls at half price or lower. I could call it my end of the year clearance sale, but Yuletide Spectacular sounds so much more exciting.

The first guy up for sale is this Woodland Moss Faery guy. Moss faeries are believed to have originated in Switzerland and possibly Germany. Some are even known to have come from the Islands and Africa. These ethereal creatures have butterfly wings attached to their bodies. They come in both female and male forms that are slender and human like. They are very shy. Human sightings are very rare especially as more woodland areas disappear to development.

The next Voodoo doll is that of Ogun, the Patron Loa of Fire, Hunting, Metals, Politics, War, and the Unemployed. Yes, he is a busy god with many responsibilities, the least of which is being the Father of technology. That's right, without Ogun, there would be no internet and no blogs. For this reason alone, Ogun rocks, wouldn't you say?

And then, there is the goddess of patience and wisdom, Gran Ibo, more commonly known as the Swamp Witch. Gran Ibo is the wise old woman of the swamp; she has experience of the ancient, the oldest of old, beyond memory, in the roots of the beginning of time. She sits and waits, watching and embracing the heart of the swamp. She holds the secrets of the mysteries that lie therein. She is the one who knows the magic and the medicine found within her little sisters who are the healing plants and herbs of the forest. She knows the power of the water. Through her, the roots, plants, herbs, and flowers of the swamp communicate to the voodooist.

Next we have the loa Gran Bwa (Big Wood) who is in love with his big, hard penis (no joke!)Gran Bwa is the Master of the Sacred Forest and the land to where the newly dead travel. He is the protector of all wild animals, knows the secrets of herbal medicine, and the secrets of magic hidden in the herbs.Gran Bois is a very loving loa with a great sense of humor and full of advice. Gran Bois can be petitioned for healing and prosperity and general advice. He is likened to Saint Sebastian and Saint Christopher in the Catholic tradition.

Oh there are more, so many more. But you have to visit the Mystic Voodoo to see them. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out...just to see the pictures is worth the visit.

The Mystic Voodoo

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