Sunday, March 8, 2009

MOJO MAMA is a Voodoo Doll

She's all about the sass and soul, and layin' down that hot bayou magick! Did you know that the word Mojo comes from the Spanish verb mojar - to wet, and Mama means mother (okay so the second one is a duh)? What does that say about the Mojo mama Voodoo doll? Well, all I know is that is her name. Mojo Mama is an authentic good luck ju ju doll made in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition. Ju jus are blessed dolls designed to keep evil and negativity away and to bring good luck to their possessor. Mojo Mama was created to honor the Voodoo Mambo, the High Priestess, and the female Goddess archetypes.

This stunning, magickal Voodoo Ju Ju Doll stands approximately 8 inches tall from head to foot or 12 inches if you consider her gorgeous fluffy feathers. She is made of Spanish moss and sticks that is hand collected, and her face is hand sculpted out of polymer clay and painted. She is decorated with yarn, buttons, beads, and a variety of magickal charms such as a Saints Valentine medal, fairy charm, Day of the dead bead, a wing, crystals, an Israeli prayer bead, and a butterfly. She has her own Ouija board and gris gris bag, and is holding a witches ball that is a handcrafted lamp worked bead made especially for Mystic Voodoo dolls by Bountiful Bonita. This bead is to ward off evil energies. She was created with great attention to detail and with positive intentions.

You can see Mojo Mama on eBay now.

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