Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte

This little Bayou Swamp Baby was born in a little fishing village along Bayou Barataria in Louisiana, well known for its primitive beauty and exotic wildlife. Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre is a direct descendant of the infamous Jean Lafitte, the pirate who roamed these wetlands and reportedly buried some of his treasure there.

As a privateer and pirate, Jean Lafitte lived much of his life outside the law, like any good pirate would. As a young man, Lafitte likely spent a great deal of time exploring the wetland and bayou country south of New Orleans. In fact, he is said to have a more accurate knowledge of every inlet from the Gulf than any other man.

Lafitte's lost treasure has acquired a lore of its own as it has never been accounted for. He had several stashes of plundered gold and jewelry hidden in the vast system of marshes, swamps, and bayous located around Barrataria Bay. One legend places the treasure somewhere on the property of Destrehan Plantation, where Lafitte's spirit walks on nights of full moons to guide someone to the treasure's location.

Lafitte married a quadroon woman (the term used to describe a person who is 1/4 Black and 3/4 French) named Madeleine Ragaud. While he did not have any children with her, he is known to have had one illegitimate child with Catherine Villars, another quadroon. My little bayou swamp baby Pierre is believed to have come from this union.

Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte is made out of hand painted muslin and is wrapped in a swamp blanket made by his dirt poor swamp mammy. His blanket is crocheted out of a variety of discarded materials found in the marshes that were handpicked, cleaned, and then handcrafted into the blanket that swaddles him. Like all swamp babies, he carries a mojo bag containing authentic hoodoo ingredients and a few pirate treasures for good luck, success, protection, and prosperity. Baby Pierre measures approximately 12.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide and smells fabulous from the essential oils that infuse his mojo bag.

This Bayou Swamp Baby comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes a copy of this legend. He is signed and numbered and is a limited edition primitive handmade doll.

Please note that the term "Bayou Swamp Baby" and their stories are protected by copyright laws, and as such, may not be used to describe any other piece of art besides my dolls.

This Bayou Swamp Baby Pierre Lafitte has been SOLD, but thought you might appreciate his story:).

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